I2C set register with negative number

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I'm trying to use the i2c library from lpcopen to communicate with a adxl345 accelerometer.
I'm just trying to set a register with for example: -25.

I'm using, for example this function:

void adxl345_write_reg (uint8_t reg, uint8_t data)
I2C_XFER_T xfer;
uint8_t TXBuffer[2];
uint8_t RXBuffer;

TXBuffer[0] = reg;
TXBuffer[1] = data;

xfer.slaveAddr = 0x53;
xfer.txBuff = TXBuffer;
xfer.txSz = 2;
xfer.rxBuff = &RXBuffer;
xfer.rxSz = 0;

Chip_I2C_MasterTransfer(I2C0, &xfer);

This is the declaration of the function in the last line:
int Chip_I2C_MasterTransfer(I2C_ID_T id, I2C_XFER_T *xfer)

And this is  I2C_XFER_T:
typedef struct {
uint8_t slaveAddr;/**< 7-bit I2C Slave address */
const uint8_t *txBuff;/**< Pointer to array of bytes to be transmitted */
int     txSz;/**< Number of bytes in transmit array,
   if 0 only receive transfer will be carried on */
uint8_t *rxBuff;/**< Pointer memory where bytes received from I2C be stored */
int     rxSz;/**< Number of bytes to received,
   if 0 only transmission we be carried on */
I2C_STATUS_T status;/**< Status of the current I2C transfer */

The problem is that my data is a negative number and the buffers are unsigned short (uint8_t).

How can I solve this problem?