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Question asked by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
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Content originally posted in LPCWare by nirav_bhatt007 on Wed Sep 24 22:06:06 MST 2014
hello, we are using lpc4357 for the application of data transfer between two CAN NODES, we have the demo code for the lpc4357 as below:\lpc43xx-2013-09-04\lpc43xx\Examples.
it is working fine for the transmitting the data bytes to the other node, but while receiving we have a problem that we are not receiving any kind of interrupt as well as data.
please anybody who have cleared this application please send us the demo working code...
i am attaching the file that i have tested for transmitting..

anybody please send me the runnig sample code for CAN bus application on lpc4357 board??

it is not the problem with overclocking of can peripheral , i have already tested this code for PCLK (peripheral clock) of CAN as 12 MHz.
here are the initializatin code of C_CAN0 PLEASE SEND me the suggestions if any??

void CAN_Init( uint32_t BitClk, CCAN_CLKDIV_Type ClkDiv , MSG_CB Tx_cb, MSG_CB Rx_cb)

//RX_cb = Rx_cb;
//TX_cb = Tx_cb;

/* If it's in normal operation already, stop it, reconfigure
everything first, then restart. */
LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL |= CTRL_INIT;/* Default state */

LPC_C_CAN0->CLKDIV = ClkDiv; /* Divider for CAN VPB3 clock */
LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL |= CTRL_CCE; /* Start configuring bit timing */
LPC_C_CAN0->BT = BitClk;
LPC_C_CAN0->BRPE = 0x0000;
LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL &= ~CTRL_CCE; /* Stop configuring bit timing */
LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL |= CTRL_IE; /* CAN interrupt enable */


LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL &= ~CTRL_INIT; /* Initialization finished, normal operation now. */
while ( LPC_C_CAN0->CNTL & CTRL_INIT );

// By default, auto TX is enabled, enable all related interrupts


here BitClk value is 0x00004501 for 500khz baudrate and 12 mhz as PCLK _C_CAN0...
and ClkDiv value is 0 maens devided by 1...

this works fine for transmitting the data bytes to other peripheral but i came across the problem while receiving the data.

SEND ME THE NEXT suggestion ....


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