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Interrupt attention

Discussion created by Corominas Marc on May 20, 2008
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Hi all, I'm newbie this is my third project with freescale CPUs, I'm using the 908QG8. I need to count and external tune burst (ultra very low frequency), I use the MTIM in a free-running mode during the sample time and it works perfect (currently working), but now I want to add a simple protection: manage the MTIMCNT overflow, I know how to manage the interrupt but when I finish to attempt the routine I don't want to follow with the next instruction, I just want to reset the MTIMCNT and star again the sample period. In the interrupt routine for the MTIM Can I reset the overflow flag (MTIM:TOF), stop the MTIM, Reset the counter and then call the sample function? Is that correct? Thxs for all