LPCOpen and custom board with LPC4337

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first of all, I am quite new in the world of programming microcontrollers so if I say someting that does not make sense, please, let me know.

I have a custom board with a LPC4337 chip (http://www.wvshare.com/product/Open4337-C-Package-B.htm) and I have been testing it following the examples in LPCopen package for LPC Link 2. To program my board I use the LPC Link 2 and a custom made "converter" JTAG 20 pin to 10 pin.

From the documents that I have read here in LCPware and by searching in google, I was able to perform a blinky LED ("blinkyLED") using timers (this example was without LCPOpen and using the CMSIS libraries without custom modification).

Next I tried to use the LPCopen package. First, I modified the "board.h" file to basically configure the LEDs. In "board_sysinit.c" file I also change the "pinmuxing" for the board LEDs. Next, I create a LPCOpen C project, where I linked the board project. The  "main" file was the "systick.c" file in "periph_blinky" example for the LPC Link 2 board. When I try to debug the program It always give an error of "No source available 0x...."  (image "ide" and "ide2" ). I think tht the problem may be in the function "Chip_SetupXtalClocking" at "board_sysinit.c" file because if I put a breakpoint there, the program did not crash. Afterwards I resume and the error appear. I tried other examples and it always give me errors.

What I am doing wrong or what I need to change in my code?

All the files are attatched in the topic.

Best Regards

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