Flash programming  in LPCXpresso via Command line

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by RatheeshT on Tue Mar 08 02:35:07 MST 2016
Hi All,
          I am flashing my binary file(.axf) using CMD window with the below command
"crt_emu_cm_redlink -flash-load-exec "app.axf file with path" -g -2 -vendor=NXP -pLPC11A04UK -ConnectScript=LPC11AXXConnect.scp -reset=vectreset -flash-driver=LPC11_12_13_32K_8K.cfx".

        It is downloading file fine but it is failed to start execution of application as soon as download has completed.. To start application execution,  i need to press reset switch in the board. As per "-flash-load-exec", it should execute application when download has completed.                                         

Please give me your suggestions to solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

Ratheesh T