Forgotten CAN-Register Struct in LPCXpresso LPC11C24 LPCOpen V2.00a

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Somehow I'm missing the CAN-Register struct  :O

CAN-Base address is defined in chip.h:

#define LPC_CAN0_BASE             0x40050000

but nothing else  :quest:

Something like:

/*------------- CAN Controller (CAN) ----------------------------*/
/** @addtogroup LPC11xx_CAN LPC11xx Controller Area Network(CAN)
typedef struct
  __IO uint32_t CNTL;/* 0x000 */
  __IO uint32_t STAT;
  __IO uint32_t EC;
  __IO uint32_t BT;
  __IO uint32_t INT;
  __IO uint32_t TEST;
  __IO uint32_t BRPE;
       uint32_t RESERVED0;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_CMDREQ;/* 0x020 */
  __IO uint32_t IF1_CMDMSK;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_MSK1;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_MSK2;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_ARB1;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_ARB2;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_MCTRL;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_DA1;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_DA2;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_DB1;
  __IO uint32_t IF1_DB2;
       uint32_t RESERVED1[13];
  __IO uint32_t IF2_CMDREQ;/* 0x080 */
  __IO uint32_t IF2_CMDMSK;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_MSK1;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_MSK2;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_ARB1;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_ARB2;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_MCTRL;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_DA1;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_DA2;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_DB1;
  __IO uint32_t IF2_DB2;
       uint32_t RESERVED2[21];
  __I  uint32_t TXREQ1;/* 0x100 */
  __I  uint32_t TXREQ2;
       uint32_t RESERVED3[6];
  __I  uint32_t ND1;/* 0x120 */
  __I  uint32_t ND2;
       uint32_t RESERVED4[6];
  __I  uint32_t IR1;/* 0x140 */
  __I  uint32_t IR2;
       uint32_t RESERVED5[6];
  __I  uint32_t MSGV1;/* 0x160 */
  __I  uint32_t MSGV2;
       uint32_t RESERVED6[6];
  __IO uint32_t CLKDIV;/* 0x180 */
} LPC_CAN0_TypeDef;
/*@}*/ /* end of group LPC11xx_CAN */

#define LPC_CAN0          ((LPC_CAN0_TypeDef    *) LPC_CAN0_BASE)