USBD Rom Documentation

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Blackclaws on Wed May 27 03:08:06 MST 2015
So I am trying to implement a program that uses the USBD ROM Api however I am having trouble finding documentation about this.

The documentation included with the source files is incomplete insofar as it does not touch upon high level USB concepts.

There appears to be a lot of information at docs.lpcware.com regarding USBD however this site is only accessible by google cache as docs.lpcware.com yields a server unreachable failure.

See for example: http://docs.lpcware.com/usbromlib/v1.0/_page__usb_descriptors.html

While this gives a way to look at the documentation this seems to either be an unintentional outage on the servers part or a deliberate shutdown of the docs subdomain.

I'd like to know when we can either expect the docs.lpcware.com domain to be available again or where else to find this documentation if it has been moved or superseeded.

Also I wonder if there is any example for a mass storage device with the usbd rom? I can only find examples for HIDs.