Simulated Eeprom in LPC111x. How to??

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Dear All,

I was able to read and write internal EEprom in LPC1517 very quickly, simply using Chip_EEPROM_Write and Chip_EEPROM_Read how are using IAP functions.
Before use such a peripheral I needed to initialise it, using


Everything is fine.
My question is.. is is possibile to use the same library with LPC1115?
According to LPCOpen peripherals, EEprom is not in list, so parameter SYSCTL_CLOCK_EEPROM and RESET_EEPROM do not exist and I cannot initialize it and obviously work with it.

Is there any solution to store data in non-volatile internal memory?
If IAP is supported, why eeprom library is not written?

Thank you for your help