Creating new project in keil for LPCOpen from scratch

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by mohammadyou on Sat Jul 18 01:44:44 MST 2015
I'm considering to start and use LPCOpen in my project(LPC1768). I don't have any boards so I want to create a project by myself.
Based on this link I configured my keil options (v 4.74) but when I want build the project I face this errors
1- error:  #35: #error directive: CORE_M3 is not defined for the LPC175x/6x architecture  (What is CORE_M3 ? it was suppose to be CORE_[u][color=#f00]C[/color][/u]M3)
2- error: A1163E: Unknown opcode MODULE , expecting opcode or Macro (this Error refer to this like: MODULE  ?cstartup !! )
3- error: A1163E: Unknown opcode SECTION , expecting opcode or Macro
4- error: A1163E: Unknown opcode PUBLIC , expecting opcode or Macro
I have checked with LPCOpen v2 and v1.03 but no chance
I would appreciate if you help me to find a solution or upload a simple preconfigured project to find my problem
and Should I call the chip_lpc175x_6x.h header file in my project?