LPC11C14 + LPCOpen_v2_00a = HardFault_Handler()-SOLVED

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I am new in lpc and have a big problem.
I am using LPCXpresso_7.4.0 together with the newest lpcopen_v2_00a_lpcexpresso_nxp_lpcexpresso_11c24. I try to debug on a LPC11C14.
I am able to successfully build any example project but no matter on which project I try to debug, I always end up in the HardFault_Handler().
I do not even reach the main loop.
Of course I changed the project properties (MCU settings) to target LPC11C14/301.
My first question would be: Is the lpcopen_v2_00a_lpcexpresso_nxp_lpcexpresso_11c24 really compatible with the LPC11C14?
Right now I try to debug the uart example. Here the vectpc:

Fault PC = 0x000002C8
              = Board_Init + 8 in section .text
              = File: ../src/board.c  Line: 137

Fault status registers:
IPSR       = 0x1000003: 3  (HardFault)
CFSR      = 00000000 (Configurable Fault Status Register)
HFSR      = 00000000 (Hard Fault Status Register)
DFSR      = 00000000 (Debug Fault Status Register)
MMAR     = 00000000 [INVALID] (MemManage Fault Address Register)
BFAR      = 00000000 [INVALID] (Bus Fault Address Register)
AFSR      = 00000000 (Auxiliary Fault Status Register)

Stacked registers:
R0          = 0000085f
R1          = 00000002
R2          = 40048000
R3          = 00000080
R12        = a712564b
LR          = 00000377
PC         = 000002c8
PSR       = 01000200
SP         = 10001fb8

I have really no idea what I do wrong. Could somebody help me?  :~