LPCopen usbd lib and several instances of a CDC device

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by wilmer00 on Tue Feb 10 07:26:22 MST 2015

I have modified the lpcexpresso usbd cdc example to provide more than CDC interface (5).

The devices enumerate nicely and I see

USBD_API->core->RegisterEpHandler(hUsb, ep_indx, com->pInHdlr, com);

is returning ok -where I give the correct index and the same handler for each comport - I also tried to give different handler functions.

The endpoint  handler is called only from the first interface. And I can receive/send data through the first interface - obviously I wan to use more than one interface.

Has someone an idea, if the usbd Library is supposed to be able to handle multiple instances of a CDC interface?

Though LPCOpen is advertising to be open source, the usbd library is not available in source code, so I could debug myself.

Plan B, I catch the Interrupt myself and process the other Endpoints directly.

Any good advice?

Thank you.