Setting Up Baud Rate Dynamically

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by shree91091 on Thu Jun 02 04:52:06 MST 2016
I'm trying to use LPC1115 between application and a device which communicates through UART.
LPC1115 has single UART and 4 TX/RX Pins.
I have taken one TX/RX pair to communicate with application and another TX/RX pair to communicate with device.
Device works on 9600 baud rate.
So at present I have configured baud rate as 9600 for both LPC1115<->Application and LPC1115<->Device communication.

My intention is to use different baud rates.
1. Set 115200 baud rate between application and LPC1115.
2. Set 9600 baud rate between device and LPC1115.

Is it possible to do so ?