LPCSPIFILib v0.04_beta available

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LPCSPIFILib v0.04_beta available for download at http://www.lpcware.com/content/nxpfile/lpcopen-software-development-platform-lpc43xx-packages

[u]KEIL_IAR Package contains[/u]

1. Source for SPIFI Library (software/lpcspifilib/src)
2. Pre-compiled SPIFI Library (software/lpcspifilib/lib)
3. Library interface header files (software/lpcspifilib/inc)
4. Documentation/User Manual (software/lpcspifilib/docs)
5. LPCOpen example for Keil MCB 4357 board (applications/lpc18xx_43xx/{keil_uvision_projects|iar_ewarm_projects}/keil_mcb_4357/keil_mcb_4357_spifilib_examples.*)
6. Use the example with LPCOpen release version v2.09

[u]LPCXpresso Project[/u]

1. Example project (lpcspifilib)
2. Test suit project (spifilib_tst)
3. Pre-compiled library project (lib_lpcspifilib)
4. Import the project into the same workspace as LPCOpen v2.09 release for LPCXpresso