NewLib and Semihosting on LPCOpen project

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Dear all,

Can someone tell what can go wrong while using semihosting on LPCOpen?

I created a new C++ LPCOpen project with the wizzard (v720) on a custom board. Then I switched the library to NewLib (semihosting). Set in Path and Symbols the symbols DEBUG_ENABLE and DEBUG_SEMIHOSTING. In the board library I did the same.

Then I started debugging with JLink, the debugging works but when stepping over printf nothing happens or it crashes.

"Can't find a source file at "F:\jenkins-slave\workspace\LibrariesFresco\Newlib_hostings\newlib_stub_semihost\armv7-m/../src/swi.h" "

1) Do I need to write code to implement the semihosting or should it work out of the box?
2) Which paths do I need for stdio.h
   - C:\Programs\LPCXpresso_7.2.0_153\lpcxpresso\tools\arm-none-eabi\include
   - C:\Programs\LPCXpresso_7.2.0_153\lpcxpresso\tools\arm-none-eabi\include\c++\4.8.3\tr1
   - C:\Programs\LPCXpresso_7.2.0_153\lpcxpresso\tools\arm-none-eabi\include\sys
3) Do I need to link to libcr_semihost.a or libcr_newlib_semihost.a? Although it doesn't work.
4) ....?

(when using CoIDE semihosting works so the hardware is ok)