Trouble viewing registers

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rlund on Thu Jul 17 11:54:20 MST 2014
I loaded the peripheral blinky routine into an LPC1837 Xplorer board (NGX) using an LPC-Link2 debugger and the LPCXpresso IDE.  The program runs fine, but I wanted to explore some of the register values, and am having some trouble.

When I click on a register, it opens the register view.  Some of the registers work, such as the clock generation unit.  However, many of the registers do not work.  When I click on them the new window comes up and says something to the effect of "peripheral/memory disabled", and the register name is highlighted in red.  I was specifically interested in looking at the CCU registers, and the SPIFI registers, neither of which works.

Is this expected?  How can I get a look at these registers?  I have changed the project properties for both the board, chip, and blinky projects to work on the 1837 instead of the 1830.

I am using the free version of LPCXpresso, version 7.2.  I am running windows 7.

Thanks for the help!