LPCOpen USB and FreeRTOS CLI on LPC1769

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by helge.suess on Sun Jul 12 14:34:51 MST 2015

I created two projects successfully. One, that uses LPCOpen to implement a USB host. The other with FreeRTOS CLI to process commands read from a UART.
Now, I'd like to use both features within a single project. I got into big troubles with include files and board definitions. It seems, as if LPCOpen uses a different version of board support packages. I either end up with missing defines or duplicate definitions.
I'm using LPCXpresso 7.7.2 and FreeRTOS 8.2.0

Is there a way of using the latest FreeRTOS components together with LPCOpen?


Helge ;-)=)