How to activate the LPC1769's CRP?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Edu on Tue Aug 05 11:05:27 MST 2014

Does anybody have already used the CRP (code read protection)?

I have an application that contemplates some security level, thereby, protecting the code is a requirement from my customer. But I never did it before on this platform.

I've already installed the FlashMagic and got normal communication with it. I can visualize and even copy any of the LPC's flash sectors, through it. I've read the manual, so I know that the flashing containing the CRP parameters can only be performed through the ISP port. The CRP2 is the adequate protection level for the application.

I'm using the crp.h header and put                __CRP const uint32_t CRP_WORD = CRP_CRP2 ;              at the C file, just after the #include of the crp.h.

It seems to me that I'm missing some configuration detail...

Is there some example?

Any help will be very welcome. Thanks for the attention.

Best Regards, Edu.