LPC_I2C define missing in LPCOpen2.01 for LPC8xx in project lpc_chip_8xx_lib in file chip.h

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It is completely missing, see below.  Did you forget that UM10601 says "The I2C-bus interface is available on all parts." ;-)
[color=#f00]//  The LPC_I2C define does not exist.
//  The struct LPC_I2C_T should be in file i2c_8xx.h but it too is missing.[/color]
#define LPC_I2C             ((LPC_I2C_T         *) LPC_I2C_BASE)

Most of the other peripherals have defines.  The corresponding structs defining the block structure of the peripheral are found in the corresponding "peripheral"_8xx.h file:

Portion of chip.h:

/* APB0 peripherals */
#define LPC_SYSCTL_BASE       (0x40048000UL)
#define LPC_I2C_BASE          (0x40050000UL)
#define LPC_WWDT            ((LPC_WWDT_T     *) LPC_WWDT_BASE)
#define LPC_SPI0            ((LPC_SPI_T      *) LPC_SPI0_BASE)
#define LPC_SPI1            ((LPC_SPI_T      *) LPC_SPI1_BASE)
#define LPC_USART0          ((LPC_USART_T    *) LPC_USART0_BASE)
#define LPC_USART1          ((LPC_USART_T    *) LPC_USART1_BASE)
#define LPC_USART2          ((LPC_USART_T    *) LPC_USART2_BASE)
#define LPC_WKT             ((LPC_WKT_T         *) LPC_WKT_BASE)
#define LPC_PMU             ((LPC_PMU_T         *) LPC_PMU_BASE)
#define LPC_CRC             ((LPC_CRC_T         *) LPC_CRC_BASE)
#define LPC_SCT             ((LPC_SCT_T         *) LPC_SCT_BASE)
#define LPC_GPIO_PORT       ((LPC_GPIO_T        *) LPC_GPIO_PORT_BASE)
#define LPC_PININT          ((LPC_PIN_INT_T     *) LPC_PIN_INT_BASE)
#define LPC_IOCON           ((LPC_IOCON_T       *) LPC_IOCON_BASE)
#define LPC_SWM             ((LPC_SWM_T         *) LPC_SWM_BASE)
#define LPC_SYSCTL          ((LPC_SYSCTL_T      *) LPC_SYSCTL_BASE)
#define LPC_CMP             ((LPC_CMP_T         *) LPC_CMP_BASE)
#define LPC_FMC             ((LPC_FMC_T         *) LPC_FMC_BASE)
#define LPC_MRT             ((LPC_MRT_T         *) LPC_MRT_BASE)