ADC Software Trigger on LPC1549

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my Name is Samed Topal. I have a issue, in my project i use the LPC1549 microcontroller only. Now i want to use the ADC with a software trigger. I red the LPC1549 manuel on page 481. There is a 4 way example how to use or create a software trigger interrupt.

But my problem is, that i can not configurate the part 3. I mean there stay that i have to disable the "Disconnect the ADC0_PINTRIG0 from any pin by writing 0xFF to the PINASSIGN10 register bits ADC0_PIN_TRIG0_I." How schould i do this, if i don't have the Register in any header-file? I searched for the bits but there isn't any defines.

DO someone use the ADC with software trigger? ANd how did you do this? And how did you configurate your ADC?

Please help

Thank you

Samed Topal