Cannot configure GPIO for input in LPC1769

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Hi! I'm writting you because I can't configure the GPIO  function for LPC1769 with LPCOpen. I only want to have as input the pins number 15,16,17,18,23,24,26,26 to use a matrix board, so I need to have them in high state when nothing is connected. My configuration code is the following:


void Pin_Init(void)

Chip_GPIO_SetPortMask(PIN_Port, 0, TECLADO_Mask);
Chip_GPIO_SetDir(PIN_Port, 0, TECLADO_Mask, 0);


//This function is to know if the port is well configured. When I ground the pin number 15, for example, it should take change.

void Lee_Pin(void)
uint32_tLectura = 0;

Lectura = Chip_GPIO_ReadValue(PIN_Port, 0);


I hope you could help me with this. Any one has an example of how configure the GPIO port (not the one that comes with LPCExpresso)

Pd: Sorry for miy english, I'm not a native speaker, I'm from Argentina.