flash programming library (IAP) problem

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I have trouble with using the flash programming library (IAP).
I run it at the M0 core of LPC4357.
It seems there is no problem with using the library when I assigned the program data region to on-chip RAM.
However, when I assigned program data region to external SDRAM, the flash writing api fails with error number of 14.

the return value of "Chip_IAP_CopyRamToFlash()" is 14.
Other functions "Chip_IAP_PreSectorForReadWrite()" and "Chip_IAP_EraseSector()" returns no error.

I just add external SDRAM region (0x28000000)  in the "Memory configuration editor" of the "MCU Settings" and assigned it to the top of all other rams in the list.
(If I move one of on-chip RAMs to the top of the list, the library works with no problem.)

What is the problem?

Thank you.