UART sizeof(text) fails, if passed to other function

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Ano on Fri Aug 29 09:40:12 MST 2014
Hi there, just a quick question. I think it's just my lack of knowledge of C programming here.
In the LPCopen 2.0 example for the UART (for LPC11C24) there is this code snippet:

const char inst1[] = "LPC11xx UART example using ring buffers\r\n";

/* Send initial messages */
Chip_UART_SendRB(LPC_USART, &txring, inst1, sizeof(inst1) - 1);

the sizeof(inst1) here is 42, because there are 42 letters in the message. Ok, that's what I want, too =)
But instead of using this code in one file only, I would like to create a UART.c & UART.h file to handle all the
sending and receiving stuff.
So, this is what I came up with:

in the main function in test.c:
char text1[] = "LPC11xx UART example using ring buffers\r\n";

in UART.h:
void UART_Send(char text[]);

and in UART.c:

void UART_Send(char text[])
Chip_UART_SendRB(LPC_USART, &txring, text, sizeof(text) - 1);

It leads to sizeof(text) being 4 in the UART.c file, so this will only transmit 3 characters. So my message is just "LPC".
I could handle this problem by just passing the text and its length to the function like:
char text1[] = "LPC11xx UART example using ring buffers\r\n";
UART_Send(text1, sizeof(text1));

and UART.c:
void UART_Send(char text[], int length)
Chip_UART_SendRB(LPC_USART, &txring, text, length - 1);

This just works fine, but needs me to take care of the lenght in my main-file. Is there another solution to just pass the text to
the sending function?