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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lavanyasubbu on Mon Dec 22 19:36:04 MST 2014
I am a newbie and just started using the LPCOpen on Lpc812 (expresso brd). Pretty nice doc and help.

I am using the blocking ROM UART (using CRLF for end point). However when the external device that the LPC812 communicates with goes into a "bad state" and shuts of communicaiton, the LPC812 is also "STUCK" and never comes out. Even after the external device comes back online it is desgined to only give out info when requested and doesnt inform of its state. SO the LPC812 never comes out of the loop.

Any suggestions on a timeout based approch for the LPC812 please? Should I use interrupts?

Thanks a bunch in advance