LPCOpen 2.16 LPC43xx suggestions

Discussion created by lpcware Employee on Jun 15, 2016
Content originally posted in LPCWare by robekras on Thu Apr 09 07:20:00 MST 2015
Some suggestions for changes to LPCOpen for LPC43xx

1) Please remove the iap.h. There is a iap_18xx_43xx.h which is the right one.
2) Please introduce 'uint8_t Chip_IAP_Init (void);' to the iap_18xx_43xx.c/h. This is a necessary function to be called for erasing and writing the flash. It is mentioned in the manual UM10503.pdf, but it's missing in LPCOpen.
In UM10503.pdf it is stated, that the Init is giving back a CMD_SUCCESS (which is 0), but I don't observe any given back value. It is also not clear whether this function has to be called once, or every time before writing or erasing functions are called.
3) Please change the declaration and definition of iap_entry. In declaration and definition 'unsigned int' is used. But in the calling functions (in iap_18xx_43xx.c the arrays are of type uint32_t. This gives warning messages.