why it be that  in compiling LPCopen library for lpc4357.

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in Sysinit.c there is SystemInit() function.
void SystemInit(void)
#if defined(CORE_M3) || defined(CORE_M4)
unsigned int *pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int *) 0xE000ED08;

#if defined(__IAR_SYSTEMS_ICC__)
extern void *__vector_table;

*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int) &__vector_table;
#elif defined(__CODE_RED)
extern void *g_pfnVectors;

*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int)g_pfnVectors;
#elif defined(__ARMCC_VERSION)
extern void *__Vectors;

*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int) &__Vectors;

#if defined(__FPU_PRESENT) && __FPU_PRESENT == 1

#if defined(NO_BOARD_LIB)
/* Chip specific SystemInit */
/* Board specific SystemInit */

#endif /* defined(CORE_M3) || defined(CORE_M4) */
I used __CODE_RED define
the assembly code is that
1a000608 <SystemInit>:
1a000608:4a02      ldrr2, [pc, #8]; (1a000614 <SystemInit+0xc>)
1a00060a:4b03      ldrr3, [pc, #12]; (1a000618 <SystemInit+0x10>)
1a00060c:6812      ldrr2, [r2, #0]
1a00060e:601a      strr2, [r3, #0]
1a000610:f7ff bf7a b.w1a000508 <Chip_SystemInit>
1a000614:1a000000 bne1a00061c <write_str>
1a000618:e000ed08 andlr, r0, r8, lsl #26
I found that  there is something wrong with it,
extern void *g_pfnVectors;
*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int)g_pfnVectors;
it should not have the ldr  r2,[r2 ,#0] ,
what happened !  the compiler work wrongly?
thak you for reply.
bypass :I use Sourcery_CodeBench_Lite_for_ARM_EABI  arm-none-eabi-gcc series tools.