something wrong in compiling lpcopen on lpc4357

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in cr_start_up_lpc43xx.c
there is the interrupt vector table
extern void (* const g_pfnVectors[])(void);
__attribute__ ((section(".isr_vector")))
void (* const g_pfnVectors[])(void) = {
    // Core Level - CM4
    &_vStackTop,                    // The initial stack pointer
    ResetISR,                       // The reset handler
    NMI_Handler,                    // The NMI handler
    HardFault_Handler,              // The hard fault handler
    MemManage_Handler,              // The MPU fault handler
    BusFault_Handler,               // The bus fault handler
    UsageFault_Handler,             // The usage fault handler
    0,                              // Reserved
    0,                              // Reserved
    0,                              // Reserved
    0,                              // Reserved
    SVC_Handler,                    // SVCall handler
    DebugMon_Handler,               // Debug monitor handler
    0,                              // Reserved
    PendSV_Handler,                 // The PendSV handler
    SysTick_Handler,                // The SysTick handler 
in sysinit.c  there is some statement used to set interrupt vector table base address in lpc4357
void SystemInit(void)
unsigned int *pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int *) 0xE000ED08;
extern void *g_pfnVectors;

*pSCB_VTOR = (unsigned int)g_pfnVectors;
......}   this three statement is the key to set the base address.
here is the problem, according to the statement the vectortable base address is t g_pfnVectors and it should be stored in address 0xE000ED08 register.
when I finish compiling the code, downloading that via JLINK .  bypass in my code the interrupt vector table is loaded in 0x1a000000.so g_pfnVectors  is
0x1a000000, and the stacktop pointer is 0x10000800, in other words  &_vStackTop is 0x10000800. because  _vStackTop is defined in linkscript.
I debug it , I find that the value stored in address 0xE000ED08 is 0x10000800, but  is not 0x1a000000.  I try to find it out by debug it  in step, at last the
assembly code is working as the resault. the value is 0x10000800. what happened !  there is something with the compiler. I can not execute into the interrupt function now.
I use  eclipse IDE ,and the compiler is Sourcery_CodeBench_Lite_for_ARM_EABI arm-none-eabi-gcc.

thank you for your reply .

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