LPC1769 CAN1 bus is not working

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I am using LPCXpresso LPC1769 board (OM13000) and LPCXpresso LPC11C24 board (OM13012) connected via CAN2 bus.
I ran "periph_can" example on LPC1769 and CAN2 bus communication between these two board is working fine. Both the board can send data to each other via CAN2 bus of LPC1769.

Now same way I try to connect CAN1 bus of LPC1769 to LPC11C24.
the "periph_can" example on LPC1769, I have modified as below to use CAN1 bus. I have change CAN_CTRL_NO to 0 so that I can use CAN1.

#if defined(CHIP_LPC175X_6X)
---#define CAN_CTRL_NO         1
+++#define CAN_CTRL_NO         0
#define CAN_CTRL_NO         0

#if (CAN_CTRL_NO == 0)
#define LPC_CAN             (LPC_CAN1)
#define LPC_CAN             (LPC_CAN2)

I have changed CAN bus connection to LPC11c24 via CAN1 bus of LPC1769.
Then I try to run this example on LPC1769 and try to communicate between this two board.
But this time communication via CAN1 bus is not working.

I have attached can.c of "periph_can" example on LPC1769 and also attached lpc11c24_test.c of LPC11c24 which I am using.

What could be wrong in this?
I am bit new with LPC controllers and CAN bus communication.


Note: Same setup and example is working fine on CAN2 bus but nor working on CAN1 bus.

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