IAP-Command at even address?

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i have written a library for usefully commands, which i use in different projects.

One function is to read the UUID and the ChipID  via a IAP-Command. In my test application where the function is directly included, the function working fine. After i pushed the function to a lib, the function call caused hardfaults in some situations, If i comment some other code/functions call, the function working fine again. I spent a lot of time in debugging and found a systematic. If the variable, which is used in for the IAP-Commands placed at position 0x10000208, the function is working fine, if the variable placed at 0x10000209, the hardfault is caused. It is possible, that the variable which is used in IAP-Commands, must be aligned to 4? I'm using a LPC11U67/LPC11U68 with lpcopen 2_11.

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