cr_startup_lpc13xx.c AND INTERRUPT PROBLEM

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     I'm using version LPCXpresso v7.8.0 [Build 426] [2015-05-28] of the IDE.

I've created a new project importing the library lpcopen_2_05_lpcxpresso_nxp_lpcxpresso_1347.zip

I'm using a testing board LPCXpresso LPC1347.

I've built and debugged the sample periph_uart_rb and [u]everything was ok[/u].

I've created a new project to test the UART starting from the file uart_rb.c.

The IDE [u]auto generates[/u] the files sysinit.c and cr_startup_lpc13xx.c.

I've simply copied the content of uart_rb.c into my main file.

RESULT : the application doesn't work.

The problem starts when the UART interrput is enabled.

[color=#06f]NVIC_EnableIRQ(UART0_IRQn); [/color]<<<===== Put a breakpoint here

.... pausing the code execution you can see that the program is running into this code section of the cr_startup_lpc13xx.c file.

// Processor ends up here if an unexpected interrupt occurs or a handler
// is not present in the application code.
void IntDefaultHandler(void) {
// Go into an infinite loop.
while (1) {


The cr_startup_lpc13xx.c file generated by the new IDE is different from the old one you can find into the  uart_rb.c folder.

Overwriting the new file ( auto generated by the IDE ) with the old one everything works well!  :~

I don't understand why .... it seems that the interrupt isn't correctly linked to the callback ....
I've checked all compiler directives and option .... I never found differences.

Any idea ?