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Stop3 Current Consumption ~500uA - MC9S08QE8

Discussion created by Claus Beckenbauer on May 19, 2008
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Hi all,

i'm using the PE Micro DEMOQE Board with an MC9S08QE8 Daughter Card.

I have measured the current consumption in stop3 mode, which is round about 500uA.
That's too much! The FLL is in FEE Mode.

Code for device initialization

setReg8(SOPT1, 0x61);                
setReg8(SPMSC1, 0x18);               
setReg8(SPMSC2, 0x02);               
clrReg8Bits(SPMSC3, 0x08);           
setReg8(ICSC1, 0x06);                /* Initialization of the ICS control register 1 */
setReg8(ICSC2, 0xC4);               /* Initialization of the ICS control register 2 */
while(!ICSSC_IREFST) {             /* Wait until the source of reference clock is internal clock */
clrReg8Bits(ICSSC, 0xE0);         /* Initialization of the ICS status and control */

clrReg8Bits(SCGC1, 0x75);            
clrSetReg8Bits(SCGC2, 0xED, 0x10);   

Have anybody an idea where the problem is?



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