How can I upload on LPC812 directly(no devboard)?

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I'm trying to upload some program on LPC812 directly(no development board) using LPCXpresso.


So, I connect LPC-Link1 to LPC812 like below :








Now, I solder LPC812 on a breadboard and there is nothing wrong in the circuit.


I connect LPC-Link1 to LPC812 not only SWDIO method but also J-TAG method.


So, I connect TDO_SWOX pin to No.19 pin of LPC812 and TDIX pin to No.12 of MCU.


When I try to upload and debug in LPCXpresso, but, it can't find target(LPC812) device.


Both SWDIO method and J-TAG method failed to find target device.


I make new workspace and import LPCOpen LPC812 library.


And, I add #define NO_BOARD_LIB in top of C project.


If I upload some program on a LPC mcu, Should I edit some setting in LPCXpresso IDE?


Thank you.