LPC800 mini kit can not enter ISP Mode

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Hi, all

i have problem with my LPC800 mini kit, at the beginning my PC have successfully detected LPC800 using FLASHMAGIC and i have tried to upload BLINKY example from <span style="color: black;">https://github.com/microbuilder/LPC810_CodeBase/tree/master/tools several time and no one problem. but after i have uploaded SERIAL HELLOWORLD example from same link, suddenly my LPC800 mini kit can not be detected anymore by FLASHMAGIC even can not enter ISP Mode by pressed ISP + RESET button as i have done before. but strangely application run normally by sending "LPC800, HELLOWORLD" continously and can not be reseted, what happen with it? </span>


note: link upload *.hex file (https://github.com/microbuilder/LPC810_CodeBase/blob/master/tools/LPC810_HelloWorld_UART0_115K.hex)