LPC_MRT->IRQ_FLAG address wrong

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by Rob65 on Wed Nov 05 05:41:40 MST 2014
Looking at the lpc8xx.h in CMSIS I found a problem.

The MRT definitions in the file contain:

typedef struct {
__IO uint32_t INTVAL;
__IO uint32_t TIMER;        
__IO uint32_t CTRL;         
__IO uint32_t STAT;         
} MRT_Channel_cfg_Type;

typedef struct {
  MRT_Channel_cfg_Type Channel[4];
   uint32_t Reserved0[1];
  __IO uint32_t IDLE_CH;
  __IO uint32_t IRQ_FLAG;
} LPC_MRT_TypeDef;

but this places the IRQ_FLAG at address 0x4000  4048. The user manual mentions 0x4000 40f8
This means that the Reserved0[1] should be Reserved0[45] instead - and nog magically my code works  and that there is a bug in the NXP supplied lpc8xxx.h :O