LPCOpen for LPC1768 (CodeRed RDB1768)?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by crypton on Sun Mar 22 07:50:46 MST 2015

I have acquired a CodeRed evaluation board RDB1768v2r3 which uses the LPC1768FBD100 chip from NXP.
I have managed to get example codes under LPC1768  to run in LPCXpresso IDE v7.6.2_326 but with CMSIS library/(ies), although LPCOpen is now preferred software platform.

Have I understood correctly that currently LPCOpen doesn't have examples for LPC1768 to be used also on my eval. board? I can only use the CMSIS based examples?
Or is there some variant's that could be used from LPCOpen? I'd like to use the 'most updated' variant to try and learn programming the LPC.