LPCOpen LPC15xx IAP Confusion

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by LabRat on Fri Aug 29 22:12:41 MST 2014
LPCOpen LPC15xx IAP code is confusing / wrong:

* @brief LPC15XX IAP_ENTRY API function type
static INLINE void iap_entry(unsigned int cmd_param[5],[color=#f00] unsigned int status_result[4])
((IAP_ENTRY_T) IAP_ENTRY_LOCATION)(cmd_param, status_result);

...seems to indicate that the maximum number of results is 4...



The maximum number of results is[color=#f00] 5[/color], returned by the "ReadUID" command.

And trying to use Chip_IAP_ReadUID is showing the promised problem:

/* Read the unique ID */
uint32_t Chip_IAP_ReadUID()
uint32_t command[5],[color=#f00] result[4][/color];

command[0] = IAP_READ_UID_CMD;
iap_entry(command, result);

return result[1];

IAP ReadUID is returning Status code, Result0-Result3, so here's a result[5] required  :)

I'm not sure why result[1] is returned here (alcohol?), of course a pointer would be an easy solution...

/* Read the unique ID */
uint32_t Chip_IAP_ReadUID(uint32_t* serial_number)
uint32_t command[5];

command[0] = IAP_READ_UID_CMD;
iap_entry(command, (uint32_t*)serial_number);

return (uint32_t)(*(serial_number));//return status code