currents in Deep power-down mode for LPC810

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I have a problem for the currents in Deep power-down mode for a LPC810.

The datasheet of LPC81X stated that the typical Deep power-down mode current is  less than 1uA.
However, I tested is around 2mA.

I used PMU sample code in "LPC800 LPCXpresso Examples V1.03.zip".
I added only one line below.


I can enter __WFI() (I think it's Deep power-down mode) and can wake-up from it  using the WAKEUP pin.
When I was measureing the current, I used only Vdd, Vss and Reset pins. Reset pin was pulled up by R=10k. Other pins were open.

When Reset pin set to Low, the current drops to around 700uA. Does it mean that I'm not entering Deep power-down mode?

Thanks in advance for any help.