Projects you did with LPC800?

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Hello guys,

I'm simply curious what circuits you've built with one of the LPC800 controllers. Tell me!  ;-)

I've done the following (some unfinished, because I 'paused' uC programming nearly one year)...

- Periodic timer for my SLR camera
- IR-Thermometer (MLX90614/5) activation of SLR camera and flashlight
- Long distance IR-control or LED torch
- frequency doubler for a 3D-Projector's color wheel (at work)

Most of my LPC800 projects have focus on low power consumption (battery powered).

Currently I'm considering a high power LED-string off-line current regulator using LPC81x, IRS44273 gate driver, IRS25751 startup IC (or a IXYS depletion mode FET). Current sensing should be done with a source-connected series resistor + ACMP and pulse generation with SCT.
This approach should allow for a standby current of at most 500uA - a value also found for standard LED-driver controllers that don't provide a programmable interface. That's a wasted power of less than 200mW even at rectified 230V AC...