LPC812-MAX Original Sample Code..Where is it?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by lewispaul on Mon Sep 30 20:02:56 MST 2013
I just got my new LPC812-MAX deveopment board, and I'm using LPCXpresso v6.0.2 [Build 151].  I like the demo that came with the board specifically:
- the I2C GPIO extender that is used with SW2 to change the blinking pattern
- the actual blinking pattern, and if they are using timers / interrupts, etc
- really all the code so I can learn

I cannot find the source code that drives the demo that comes with this board.  I want to use it and tweak it, perhaps use the A/D along with the GPIO extender.  I see lots of blinkie programs, but clearly
not this one as I don't see any I2C hookup that services the GPIO extender, and thus services the SW2.

Can anyone point me to the source code of this supplied application?  Thanks in advance.