LPC812 (LPC800) issues with UART and SPI

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by TravisT on Tue Dec 03 15:52:21 MST 2013

The situation is I designed a board for the LPC812 while I was waiting for them to arrive. I now have the chip and I have the board. The board is overall very simple in that it drives some basic digital signals and a UART for communication.

Out of the box I was very happy I was able to program the digital IO quickly to flash LEDs and transistors. I had no issue with the pins that were already well defined. The issue is items like the UART and SPI do not seem to be working or enabled properly. I have tried several example projects (NXP CMSIS, LPCOpen and some other third party ones) some designed for the LPC810 but using UART0 which I figured did not matter. After some time comparing initialization I am stumped. Everything seems to be fairly common between the libraries and I am not yet trying to do anything crazy.

I am guessing there is some issues with the switch matrix, initialization or the chip itself. I have done a descent amount of programming with the LPC1769, however I probably relied to heavily on the MBED library.

I am using the LPC812 so20 chip and I believe it is rev 4C. I did also try this with no luck on the LPC812 xpresso board with the same results.

The third party library is located here https://github.com/microbuilder/LPC810_CodeBase, which is very similar to the NXP CMSIS example.

I am hoping somebody else has had this issue or catch something simple that I am doing incorrect.

Thanks for any help that can be given.