Multiple UARTs on the LPC824 with LPC Open ?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by LI_Dave on Tue Mar 24 16:21:49 MST 2015
Not sure if this belongs here or in the LPC Open forum...

I have an application that needs to handle full duplex data on 2 UARTs simultaneously.  I will definitely go interrupt driven but could go with either the ROM routines or the ring buffer example. 

It doesn't look like either of these LPC Open examples are inherently dual port capable.  Before I dig in, has anyone had any experience running 2 channels of the LPC Open UART code for UART0 and UART1?   Hoping to leverage LPCOpen as much as possible.

I suppose I could run my slower port polled if necessary.  One is 115.2K and the other only 2400.