How do you debug an external target with an LPCXpresso812-MAX board?

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Hey guys,

We are using the LPC812 (the XSON16 package version) in an upcoming project. So we got an LPCXpresso812-MAX board from Farnell to experiment with it. The website of the board says that it can connect to an external target to debug it, and we've found the debug connector in the documentation on this website.

So far we've tried some basic examples from the LPCOpen package which work on the board wonderfully.

However, it is unclear how to debug an external target with this board. Obviously, I'll need to connect SWDIO, SWCLK, RESET, VDD, GND, etc. of the target board to the LPCXpresso, but how do I tell the LPCXpresso to debug the external target instead of the on-board MCU?

Thanks in advance for your answers!