LPC812 power supply requirements

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Hi guys,

I would like to ask, if there are any specific power supply requirements for LPC812 (exactly time of rising edge from 0V to 3V). I know, that Vcc should be between 1,8V and 3,6V. I try slow start, so power up takes about 3sec - from 0V to 3V and my LPC has problem to start.
It looks like to me, that some clocks are powered up wrong.

My firmware blinks with LED + BOD reset 2,06V - 2,15V

1) Slow start from 0V to 3V - 3sec - LPC not running
2) LPC turned off by switch for about 2 sec and powered up by switch - LPC still not running, I have to wait more than 3 secs and than LPC runs (It happens only when the LPC is powered up wrong)

When I try this with switch ("fast" start) everything works fine

My test power source is laboratory power supply - 50cm of wires AWG 20 - capacitor 4u7 - capacitor 100nF - LPC812 - resistor - LED