LPC8xx, UART and the (lack of) seperate baudrate generators...

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by cgroen on Wed Dec 30 11:29:15 MST 2015
I know this is just "how it is", but it amazes me that the LPC8xx (824 in my case) has all the bells and whistles such as SWM, SCT, MRT like all its bigger LPCxxx cousins. When it then comes to the 3 UARTS, you are stuck with one single fractional baudrate generator.

It might be me that are just not seeing "it", but I think this is a pity...You have to balance the fractional divider with the needed baudrates for all 3 UARTS (I need to run 100KBaud) in two UARTS and 115200 on the last.
What is the best way to achieve this ? (my generated baudrates are not very precise)