What about having a LPC8xx variant for power conversion applications?

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by rayhofmann on Mon Feb 23 00:29:36 MST 2015
Sorry, but i am just overwhelmed by these thousands of slightly different ac/dc & dc/dc controllers&converters and i have a hard time finding what i need, getting it to do what i want and finally avoiding undocumented pitfalls like hiccup mode triggering falsely and not being quantitatively specified in the DS.

So i am designing a LPC822 into a 3 channel flyback converter. One channel having 24-48V input giving isolated 12V10W out and two channels with the same input having a isolated 4W led lighting output.

So far the LPC8xx with its small size, low price and SCT is the best fit i could find, but what about some changes to make it more attractive in this kind of applications?

- multi channel comparators (4?) for short circuit protection of the switch and current mode cycle termination having two selectable levels, not just one comparator with one level
- increased timer frequency to 100MHz, get higher PWM resolution
- a specification of the A/D sampling window and duration
- little faster A/D or maybe 10Bit but faster with the same type or two A/Ds
- two SCTs
- reset input that is always active enabling a "emergency reset" for short circuit detection, etc
- Some code building blocks / appnotes for flyback, step-down, etc.