SPI on pin8 (PIO0_11) and pin 9 (PIO0_10)

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by vu on Tue Feb 11 23:08:25 MST 2014
Hello everyone,

I downloaded bundle code for lpc812 from lpcware, tried to run spi example on lpcxpresso board and viewed data and clock pin through hantek oscilloscope, it work correctly.
But I want to change to use pin8(PIO0_11) and pin9(PIO0_10) for MOSI and SCK signal of SPI, I just replace :
LPC_SWM->PINASSIGN4 = 0x0cffffffUL -> LPC_SWM->PINASSIGN4 = 0x0cffffffUL (for SCK) same with pin MOSI. But no data in SCK and MOSI be transfered.
I tried to handle two these pins same GPIO, just set and clear but nothing to happen.
Anyone have any ideas about two these pin (PIO0_11 and PIO0_10).