[Solved] LPC824 re-invoking ISP

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by ArneB on Thu Jan 15 08:16:05 MST 2015
For the archive and anyone, who might have troubles re-invoking the ISP mode on the LPC824:

Don't forget to disable your DMA controller, if you are executing the "re-invoke ISP" IAP command !

Otherwise the bootloader and the still active DMA controller are fighting for the incoming UART bytes, resulting in a non-working ISP mode.

This is the way I have done it:

typedef enum {READ_PART_ID           = 54,
      REINVOKE_ISP           = 57,
      READ_UID               = 58} IAP_COMMANDS_T;

void do_iap(IAP_COMMANDS_T iap_command) {
  command[0] = (uint32_t) iap_command;
  if(iap_command==REINVOKE_ISP) LPC_DMA->CTRL = 0; // Disable DMA controller
  iap_entry(command, result);