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Mattlab and ZSTAR2

Discussion created by ido d on May 18, 2008
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Hello all,
This is my first post, i'm ido, from Israel :smileyhappy:
I'm currently beginning a project in which i'm going to try to receive physiological parameters using the ZSTAR2 eval. board.
I'm have some basic Q, and i'll appreciate any kind of Info which will get me started. so, here we go:
1. I know the BW (for each data channel) was chosen to be 50Hz, but what is the sampling rate?
2. the transmitter transmit 20 packets per sec, does the sample transmmition is also 20 per sec?
or maybe one transmmition consists of more the 1 sample per each channel?
3. this is the most important one. i would like to analyze the data on real time, preferably using MATLAB.
what is the best way to pull the data directly from the USB port? is it possible with matlab? do i need extra drivers?
I saw that i can pull data from the stick using a program like Hiperterminal, is it possible to write some code to pull data using matlab?
thx alot for any info,

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