I2C ROM blocking functions "succeed" with I2C clock disabled

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Content originally posted in LPCWare by MarcVonWindscooting on Sun Apr 06 16:02:26 MST 2014
This weekend I continued to work on my LPC812 PCB that uses power-down mode to save power. There's a DS75 temperature sensor and a 24AA01 serial EEPROM connected to the I2C interface of the LPC. Three 74LVC1G57/58 single gates and a few MOSFETs implement a software-controlled step-down converter + power LED-driver. The LPC812 is powered by a STLQ015XG33 uPower LDO.

To get into power down, the DS75 sensor has to be powered down by a special command. I chose to use the  ROM API (blocking) functions available on the LPC800 for that.

At one point, I forgot to enable the I2C clock and the result was, that the functions return without an error from writes and reads - very much to my surprise. The DS75 'output' read 0 Celsius and the 3-byte write to power it down 'succeded', only it did not consume less power and it's not really that cold in my lab ...!?

Typically I expect more dramatic failure (lockup or error code) in response to such a fundamental configuration error of mine.
I share this information just in case someone else runs into a similar problem where "everything works", except for unplausible readings...

PS: the system can be powered down to 3.7uA @ 2.2..3.6V supply, all outputs in defined state.
LPC800 is so cool! :)