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I have a question about the XXX_PARAM_T structures.

When I using a interrupt driven functions like "LPC_UARTD_API->uart_get_line(HostUartHandle, &param)"
the param structure's data must be keep until the "Done" callback functions are called ?

or the ROM functions makes a own copy of these data into the "xxxHandleMEM[];"

so my problem is the following:

I using the following function to start a UART transmission.

static void host_start_tx (uint8_t *buff, uint16_t size)
    UART_PARAM_T param;

    param.buffer = buff;
    param.size = Txsz = size;

    /* Interrupt mode, do not append CR/LF to sent data */
    param.transfer_mode = TX_MODE_BUF_EMPTY;
    param.driver_mode = DRIVER_MODE_INTERRUPT;

    /* Setup the transmit callback, this will get called when the
       transfer is complete */
    param.callback_func_pt = (UART_CALLBK_T) HostTxCB;

    /* Transmit the data using interrupt mode, the function will
       return */
    if (LPC_UARTD_API->uart_put_line(HostUartHandle, &param)) {
// deinit here ??

Most of time works fine but somtime the transmitted data become corrupted.

I Traced a little in the debugger, some of the params's parameters (CB fns, etc) are  seems to be copied to the UARTHandleMEM[] by the ROM API calls but some like data pointer is not.

so in this case the UART_PARAM_T must be allocated in the global RAM space ?

In this case after calling the ROM api the param structure's data may become "unknow/corrupted" because the variable is created on the stack when the function was called, and released when the controll leaves the function.

I have similatr problem with the I2C ROM api too :)