ISP documentation error - UM10601 - 14 March 2013

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I've nearly finished my own (Linux-only) command-line ISP programming tool. Only very remotely similar to lpc21isp. Available on www.windscooting.com/softy/software.html, at the bottom: isp-2.0

While writing/testing I noticed the following: If (on a LPC812M101FD20, rev 2A) blank checking sector 0 I get 0 (CMD_SUCCESS) if sector 0 is blank in CRP0 mode. Believe me, I'm really fine with that! :bigsmile:
Unfortunately, this is in contradiction to what the manual says (in boldface):
Blank check on sector 0 always fails as first 64 bytes are re-mapped to flash boot block.
When reading data, I indeed get the re-mapped contents. CRC checksum is still missing from my program, but I expect (sadly) to get the CRC of the re-mapped content's checksum, not the FLASH contents.

Also, my overall judgement about the ISP chapter is: it's lacking depth! Writing an ISP programmer is more like getting the basic command from the manual, send it over to a real device and look what comes out of it.
Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate that information, I got my program running. But the goal should be to write it according to specification, not observation on one specific, sample device.

In that context, I'd like to ask: is it intended, that after a read - after removing the echo (if enabled), I always get a '\n' and only then the binary data? This happens with and without echoing (A 1 / A 0 ).

And, by the way, may I get a Revision '4C' device sample for that feat of mine??  0:)